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Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
dennis stattman, who managing blackrock's global allocation fund with annualized returns above 11% over the last ten years. the third hour of "squawk box" begins right now. welcome back, everybody. "squawk box" here on cnbc, i'm becky quick, this is joe kernen. wells fargo hitting taken looks like it came in a penny better than expected, joe? >> 88 versus -- >> 87 was the estimate. >> revenue 21.2 billion which is below where thompson reuters was and first call was 21.4. the stock now is just off a little, 35.18, it's now 34.90 to 35. chris whalen is here, he'll be able to help us with this. chris i've already said that these banks are too big to analyze. we need to break them up, not too big to fail but too big for to us do quickly on "squawk box". they're hard to quickly return on equity was 13.38%, that was up 52 basis points. tier one common equity ratio 10.06. >> what was revenue growth? sounds like it was off. >> i could probably get you a year ago. >> the street had them estimated up eight and change and sounds like they missed on the revenue side. >> revenue came in at 21.2 vers
Oct 12, 2012 12:00pm EDT
that point. will the group continue to shine or is it time to take profits in dennis gartman editor of "the gartman letter" joins us on the fast line. how much of your belief in coal has to do with governor romney? >> nothing, very little, zero, nada. i liked coal before the governor did. we have to turn to the coal market given the fact we've seen an awful lot of switching out of goal into nat. gas when it was $2.50 british thermal units and natty billion above 3.50 and heading towards 4 that switching out of coal is probably going to end, thermal coal fell from about $130 a ton five years ago to less than $50 a ton earlier this year, actually did it a year ago and it's not made a new low. the amount of bearishness in the atmosphere a month ago concerning the coal markets, i mean everybody, everybody on this show in fact was bearish of arch coal and the rest of them. you have to look bullishly at the coal stocks. look at kol, the coal etf. i'm much more bullish on thermal coal than net and coal. if thermal coal continues to get stronger and nat gas continues to move higher that switches ov
Oct 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
this morning, former president and ceo of verizon wireless and author of "managers can you hear me now," denny stregl, good to see you. first i want to start off with the sprint news. should a deal proceed between softbank and sprint, how will that change the landscape and create a new competitor against a verizon and an at&t? >> melissa, i'm not sure that it will have a significant impact on the landscape. overall i think that if this deal does come to fruition and we'll know within probably the next several days, i think it would be good for sprint. i know dan hesse. the sprint ceo. he's an aggressive guy. he's a smart guy and i'm sure he'll do what's in the best interest of the sprint shareholders. overall obviously since the nextel acquisition years ago, dan has been working his team through some very difficult times and has made a relatively good progress going forward. look at the stock price. it has doubled over the course of the last few years. i think they're in a good position but the fact of the matter is that they are half the size in terms of customers of verizon and of at&t. so d
Oct 9, 2012 2:00pm EDT
are more price conscious. watch for changes in ihop owned by dine equity. bob evans and denny's. now, tech nomic out with numbers for lower and upper middle consumers, lower and upper, price is now the most important factor in choosing fast food, or what they call limited service restaurants for a dine-in occasion. i call it takeout. however, 71% of middle-income consumers use restaurants for socializing and tech nomics says savvy operate letters create a fun gathering place for those upper/middle income spender. as retail gas prices in california hit, yet a new record today, yes, still going up, buckingham says restaurant prices are now rising faster than grocery store price. the relative value of eating out is shrinking, just as capacity is again rising. not to mention what an obama re-election could mean to the industry's health care costs. mandy? >> you know, it's an interesting one. i thought those gas prices were supposed to be coming down. last time, last week, indications of it coming down. >> the wholesale prices, i know. no, they are not. they are not. >> listen, jane, jane -- >>
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4